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Preparing a meal for diet conscious guests is possible!!

“I bought your cookbook and have been trying the various recipes for 3 weeks. What a difference in my vitality, health and waistline. I have also noticed a sharp decrease in sugar and caffeine cravings…and my waistline! Yah!” —Vikki Kiehl, Puyallup, WA

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The Healthy Edge has partnered with Chef Keith to provide healthy menus for families!

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Been eating for weight loss?

Get off the diet roller-coaster using our book now in its second printing!
Our cookbook and program is recommended by doctors!

The Healthy Edge is a wonderful start in your journey to achieve good health through prevention and wellness, by avoiding the long term health effects of the SAD—the Standard American Diet, which is rich in fats and sugars, and eating too much of it. The authors have created an easy-to-follow, great-tasting menu that will lead you to feel better, lose weight, be fit, and become healthier. -Mark Zakowski, MD

Been eating for weight loss?
Get off the diet roller-coaster!
Whether you are feeding all the kids a quick lunch or planning a quiet meal for diet restricted friends - get this book! This is your opportunity to gain confidence in the kitchen, bring your family back to the table and get the weight and health you desire. Get 4 FREE Recipes from The Healthy Edge Cookbook by clicking the link!

The cookbook includes:

  Gluten free recipes
  Healthy Edge Kids section
  Personal testimonies
  Information on food allergies
  The Healthy Edge story
  Tips from Chef Keith

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Thanks to The Healthy Edge, we have changed the way we eat, which has changed the overall health of our entire family. Now, because of The Healthy Edge Cookbook, we are able to share this amazing information to all of those we care about through the wonderful recipes found in this AWESOME cookbook. In one word, The Healthy Edge Cookbook is YUMMY!!

—Kieran and Sherri Murry
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